Find all the products for your daily needs in one place. Discover our wide range of fruits and vegetables, fresh dairy, sweets and confectionary, frozen food, snacks, beverages, home cleaning, toiletries and electronics.

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From cheese to several types of milk, we make sure our customers have a wide range of fresh articles to choose from.
METRO Trader vegetables assortment

Fruits and Vegetables

Stock up on freshness. Local or exotic, you’ll find a great range of your favorite fruits and vegetables in our store. Perfect for breakfast, snacks or delicious smoothies!

Frozen Food

Make meals easy with our range of frozen food. Ready to cook and tasty.  K&N's, Menu, Sabroso and many other brands to satisfy any taste.  Save time and enjoy the benefits! Easy to cook and delicious to eat!


Looking for a variety of beverage options? The wide range of selection of cold  drinks and soft drinks from our store will satisfy your needs. Enjoy chilled beverages everyday. 

Sweets and snacks

Buy your favorite guilty pleasures. We offer a great variety of sweets and snacks for the entire family, in different shapes and sizes, to make your days better in an affordable way.

Hygiene, Personal care and Grooming

Who doesn't love to pamper themselves with toiletry products? Choose from a wide range of shampoos to moisturizers and other toiletries and take care of your personal hygiene. 


Worried about finding the right detergent to wash off those stubborn stains? Confused about which cleaning product will suit your fabric and it's color? From gloves to fabric softeners, our stores carry a wide range of laundry products to take care of your daily needs.


Offering the widest product range in cleaning agents. If you need a solution to get rid of those strong stubborn stains or clean the floors and dishes, we have got a product for you


Looking to upgrade your household items? Our carefully curated household assortment includes all you need. From heavier utensils like pots to lighter ones like cutlery and table mats. Freshly is a one stop solution for your daily household needs. 


Looking for  up-to-date electronics & efficient technology solutions? Freshly is just the place to purchase genuine electronics at great prices. Our stores carry a wide range of electronics from deep freezers, LCD's to toasters, we have got the right fit for you.